SIAS Addresses drinking pressure during the Euro’s

July 1, 2024
Mark Pemberton


On the 26th June on ITV Central News, Mark Pemberton, Senior Treatment Practitioner and Marketing and Engagement Lead at SIAS Solihull joined Reporter Lucy Kapasi for a timely interview about drinking culture in football. ⚽️
In case you didn’t know, this summer is the season of football. For many of us, the Euros have been a routine evening watch over the past few weeks, but with all the excitement and build up to each game, it can be very difficult for people living with an alcohol addiction.
Football is a social sport, and in the UK, it is often synonymous with going up the local pub with your friends to watch the big game. For most of us, this isn’t a trigger, but it’s important to be mindful that for over 600,000 Brits across the country, this setting is anxiety provoking.
Last night, Mark Pemberton, who struggled with an alcohol addiction took to ITV Central News to encourage those struggling with addiction to seek help. At his lowest points, Mark drank two bottle of vodka a day (500 units a week). Thankfully, today Mark is six years sober and has transformed his life, dedicating it to helping others who were in the same position he once was.
Reflecting on his lived experience in the build up to the Euros, Mark confessed:
“To me the hardest time was when the Euros were in the UK… you felt under pressure to be places [pubs]… I was doing a group session with clients recently who said [the Euros] would be difficult as the only place they watch football is in a pub.”
We would like to say a huge thank you to Mark for sharing his story. If you missed the interview, a full recording can be watched below.
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