Treatment - Adults

Single Point of Entry (SPOE)

The starting point for accessing all SIAS services is a phone call to 0121 301 4141.  

Our SPOE team members can provide information about our services, what to expect from your journey through treatment and will signpost you to other services, where appropriate.  

When you enter treatment, a SPOE team member will carry out a brief initial assessment before allocating you to your own Recovery Practitioner.

Ask to speak to a Peer Mentor

If you have any anxieties about entering treatment, it may help to speak to one of our peer mentors first.  They have lived experience of addiction and treatment and can tell you what to expect.  They can also discuss with you how to cope with the journey through treatment into a life in recovery.

Learning to Change

Your Recovery Practitioner will work with you to put together a personalised Recovery Plan, having first carried out a comprehensive assessment of your situation, needs and goals. This lays the foundations for change. You will be encouraged to take ownership of, and responsibility for, your own recovery, whilst being offered structured psychosocial support to help you make sustainable behavioural and life changes. If you need medication to support you, that will be offered. You may want to work in stages from becoming safer in your addictive behaviour to cutting down to stopping.  Our service is confidential and non-judgemental.  We can also help you with things like relapse, prevention and managing anger, stress and anxiety.

Your Recovery Plan may include any or all of the following confidential services:

One to One

One-to-one support offers you the opportunity to speak to a trained professional about how substances and addiction are affecting you and plan how to make changes.


In group therapy, you can expect to be supported by likeminded peers who are also working through problems with drugs, alcohol or gambling. As a group you can come together to focus on and discuss the impact of substances and addiction and how to move forward by making changes to your life.


We provide high-quality training courses in how addiction happens and how you can beat it, helping you to set goals and benchmarks so you can measure your success. These skills, once learnt, will always be with you.

Psychosocial Interventions

We offer a range of effective talking therapies, such as Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  These can help you recognise moods, thoughts and situations that fire up illicit cravings, and learn to replace those negative thoughts with healthier ones. 


Counselling helps you gain a deeper perspective on your behaviour, emotions and relationships. It allows you to express your feelings and identify patterns of thinking.  Once these are understood they can be worked on, to support you on the road to recovery.


We offer community-based, socially-assisted or hospital detoxification (detox). A detox is a medical intervention lasting an average of 7-9 days, during which time you are given a reduce regime of medication to help you become drug or alcohol free.


We provide a structured programme, supported by Peer Mentors who are experts by experience, to help our clients build self-efficacy, confidence and positive networks as they come towards the end of their treatment and start planning to move on. We offer access to groups and clubs, training and volunteering opportunities, and continue to support individuals throughout the transition from treatment into self-sustained recovery and living well.

Employment & Education

If you have spent a lot of time out of work, education or training we can help you learn the skills you need to find employment.