Don’t let sobriety limit your fun!

January 3, 2023
Don't let sobriety limit your fun!

This year we’re on a mission to show you that you don’t need alcohol to enjoy yourself. 

We’ll be highlighting some great places in Solihull for you to try out without booze ruining the fun! 

Bear Grylls Adventure:
Assault Courses, Archery and even diving are all up for grabs in one fantastic venue! This fast-paced day out is great for all ages above 9 so it’s also a lovely day with the kids. 

Treetop Adventure:
Located in the bullring itself a distinct and mysterious mini golf range is always a great sober activity out. 

Delta Force paintball:
Looking for a fun, competitive and outdoor experience. Look no further than Delta Force. Home to a huge array of party activities from Axe Throwing to Quadbike riding. If you’re looking to do something special in January then look no further. 

These are just a few examples of some great venues that offer a sober day out! Don’t feel that your sobriety is limiting you from having fun! Instead see that it is opening up new opportunities for adventure