Drug Addiction Quiz

All questions in this quiz ask you to consider you behaviour over the previous 12 months to assess your level of drug use.

1. Do you frequently crave or need to use drugs?(Required)
2. Do you use drugs more than you intend to?(Required)
3. Have you tried to stop or reduce the amount of drugs you are using without any success?(Required)
4. s a lot of your time taken up by the buying, using and recovering from the effects of drugs?(Required)
5. Has your drug use put you in situations that could be harmful or physically dangerous to yourself or others?(Required)
6. Are you finding that you need larger amounts or to use more frequently to achieve the same high?(Required)
7. Has your using drugs led to you engaging less and less in social, recreational and family activities?(Required)
8. Has your drug use led you to neglect to take care of yourself, a partner or your children?(Required)
9. Has your use of drugs had a negative impact on your work, school or other areas of your life?(Required)
10. Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms including depressed mood, diarrhoea, fatigue, fever, increased appetite, insomnia, muscle pain, nausea, runny nose, slowed movement, sweating or vomiting?(Required)
SIAS Quiz Results
If you need to understand more about addiction and substance misuse to support those you work with and encourage them to enter treatment - for example if you work in the health & social care sector, education, youth services or the criminal justice system, or you work in an industry or company where substance misuse is rife - contact us about our training sessions and workshops. We offer pre-planned sessions, or we can work with you to tailor something to your needs.