Young People Gambling


For young people using drugs and alcohol, and who are gambling, support is offered on a one-to-one basis. Support includes:


If you come to see us, someone will meet with you and ask you some questions so that we can understand what your needs are and plan your support with you.


SIAS offers a counselling service to help individuals, couples, groups or families to understand and deal with problems connected to gambling. Counselling helps you gain perspective on your behaviour, emotions and relationships, it allows you to express your feelings and identify patterns of thinking. Read more

Group Support

Group support is where a group of people who are also working through gambling problems, come together to focus on and discuss the impact of gambling and how to move forward and make changes to your life.

Hidden Harm Service

Support is also offered to young people who are, or have been, affected by parental or a carerʼs substance misuse. It is focused on building support networks and gaining peer support. Support includes counselling and 1-1 support for 5 to 18 year olds.

Having a loved one with drugs, alcohol and gambling problems in your family can be a particularly stressful experience.

Housing Support

From homelessness through to rehousing we can provide help and advice across varying levels of support needed. Please speak to us as soon as you can.

One to One Sessions

SIAS will offer a worker to have sessions with you, to talk about your drug. alcohol and gambling use and what it is you want to do to cut down or stop. The service is confidential, and can also help you with things like relapse, prevention and managing anger, stress and anxiety.

Recovery Clinic

We provide expert care and advice in a comfortable environment.  The door is never closed.  Ongoing help is available to you to help you rebuild your life when you leave the service.

Useful Links

SIAS can help you get in touch with other agencies that you might find helpful and we even help you access fun activities such as sports, cinema and other outings.