Friends & Family

Having a loved one with drug, alcohol or gambling problems in your family can be a particularly stressful experience.

You may be experiencing feelings of anger, fear, betrayal, guilt, isolation and loss of control. Addiction does not just affect the individual, families are also affected – but can recover too!

You are not alone

We believe that families, friends and loved ones of people with drug, alcohol or gambling addictions need support too.

We offer education and advice and can introduce you to others in the same position, so that you understand how best to help as well as to look after yourself.


Recognising the importance of providing support for families, we have a range of services available to suit your needs.

We offer a free, confidential and non-judgemental service. We will treat you with respect and understanding as we support you.

Quality of Life

Research suggests that where families are adequately supported, loved ones are more likely to engage in treatment, and complete it successfully, which increases them maintaining their new lifestyle.

If the person you care about is not ready to enter treatment, we can still support you and other family members to improve the quality of your lives.