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Problematic substance use or gambling doesn’t just the affect the individual but also their relatives, partners and friends as well. Living and dealing with a drug/alcohol user or gambler is a painful, difficult and often distressing experience that can have long-lasting emotional, behavioural and financial consequences to all those involved.

SIAS has family workers who specialise in support for family members or others who are concerned about someone’s drinking and/or drugs use or gambling. We also aim to involve family members as much as possible in treatment plans.

We offer a range of free, confidential and non-judgmental assistance including advice and information on what we can do to support the person who is drinking, using drugs or gambling, one-to-one sessions giving a space to explore how you are affected by the persons’ substance misuse or gambling, and strategies for dealing with it. We also have a family group which meets once a month throughout the year.

Abusive or Violent Behaviour

If abuse or violence is a feature in your relationship, seek support to ascertain the options available to you to protect yourself and the rest of your family.

Do not Blame yourself

Many families blame themselves for their loved one’s drug and alcohol use or gambling situation.  However, there are many factors that contribute to problematic substance use and gambling and we can talk these through with you.

Gain Information

SIAS can help you gain information about substance misuse/gambling and the services that are available to both you and your loved one.

Improve Quality of Life

Research suggests that where families are supported, loved ones are more likely to engage in treatment, complete treatment successfully and maintain their new lifestyle. If the person you care about is not ready to enter treatment, we can still support you and other family members to improve the quality of your lives.

Join a Support Group

You are not alone; there are many people like you. By joining a support group you will increase your social support network of people that you can call on and help you to cope. Support groups are held weekly and our team can give you the details.

Protect your Finances

Money that you give your loved one for groceries, bills etc could be spent on financing their habit. Ensure you have a separate account that only you can access and take care of your own finances. Read more

Seek Help

Seek help and support for yourself families need to recover too. Living with a substance user/gambler is an unstable and unpredictable environment. You may be finding it difficult to cope and as such may fall into coping strategies that are not particularly helpful to you or your situation. SIAS can help you identify these behaviours and teach you new ways to cope with difficult situations.

Set Clear Boundaries

This may be distressing and particularly difficult for you to do but you are important too. Setting boundaries can have a positive effect on the quality of your life and can also be helpful for your loved one too. You do not have to accept unacceptable behaviour.

Take Care of Yourself

You are important too. Living with a drug or alcohol user/gambler can be very emotionally draining and time consuming. Take some time away to enable you to focus on the positive things in your life.

Offer Support

Although your loved one may not be ready to change you can make them aware that you are there to support them when they are ready.

Useful Links

SIAS can help you get in touch with other agencies that you might find helpful. 

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