Detox & Assessment

The SIAS team can offer a community, socially assisted or hospital detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol. A detox is a medical intervention lasting an average of 7-9 days, during which time you are given a reducing regime of medication to help you to become drug or alcohol free.

1. Home Detoxification

For those who are assessed as suitable a home detox usually takes nine days to complete with support from a nurse within working hours and with support from the GP out of hours.

Drug support rehab group - adult service page

2. Socially assisted Detox

Some people are suitable physically and mentally to undergo a detox at home, but do not have a suitable friend or family member available to support them. In this instance a socially assisted detox can be arranged where they will attend structured day care services at SIAS, with a provision for overnight accommodation (Known as Clarity House) available in some instances.

3. Inpatient Detox

After being assessed, some people may be need an inpatient detox due to multiple or severe physical/mental health issues) If the need for a hospital bed is identified then they will be referred to our current inpatient facility for admission to be arranged. This usually consists of a seven day stay.