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Alcohol Support for Adults

If your drinking is becoming a problem, we can support you to make changes.

Drop-in Service

Visit our Drop-in centre staff can offer advice on benefits, housing and homelessness, harm reduction, debt management, as well as many other lifestyle issues.

Drop-in opening hours are:

Opening Times: 11am to 2.30pm

Open Days: Monday to Friday

Middlewood House, Chelmsley Wood offers:

  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Fruit and snacks
  • Hot showers
  • Group activities

One-to-one support

Our One-to-one support offers you the opportunity to speak to a trained professional about how alcohol is affecting you and help you to plan how to make changes.

Group support

Group support is where a group of people who are also working through alcohol problems, come together to focus on and discuss the impact of alcohol misuse and how to move forward and make changes to your life.


We provide high quality training courses in how addiction happens and how you can beat it. Helping you to set goals and benchmarks so you can measure your own success.

Referral for detox assessment

For community or inpatient detox.


SIAS Counselling Services helps you gain perspective on your behaviour, emotions and relationships, it allows you to express your feelings and identify patterns of thinking.

Structured day care

Designed to fit around you and support you while you are rebuilding your life. Remember, we are here to help you.

Recovery clinic

We provide expert care and advice in a comfortable environment.

Housing support

From homelessness through to rehousing we can provide help and advice across varying levels of support needed. Please speak to us as soon as you can.

Employment/education and training support

If you have spent a lot of time out of work, education or training we can help you learn the skills you need to find employment.

Recovery support on leaving the service

The door is never closed. Ongoing help is available to you to help you rebuild your life.